Android HD broadcast control board JW-211A

 Android HD broadcast control board JW-211A

Board of JW-211A integrated multimedia decoding, LCD driver, Ethernet, HDMI, WiFi and Bluetooth in one, support the vast most popular video and picture format decoding, support HDMI video output, dual 8-bit LVDS driver, can drive all kinds of TFT LCD display, greatly simplifying the whole system design, very suitable for network HD playback box, video advertising and advertisement frame machine, elevator advertising machine.

☆ Characteristic

• High integration: serial / / infrared remote control of the integrated SATA/ TF Card /USB/LVDS/VGA//HDMI/ Ethernet /WIFI/MINI-PCIE/ human body induction / emergency indicating lamp in one, the simplified machine design.

• Expansion of the rich interface, four USB ports (two pins (host) and two standard USB port (HOST/OTG), four serial port expansion and interface GPIO/ADC and can meet the market requirements of various peripherals.

• High definition: maximum support for 1080P decoding and a variety of LCD signal LVDS display.

• Function: support screen playback, video screens, rolling subtitles, timer switch, USB data import function.

• Easy to manage: humanized play list background management software, easy to play management and control of advertising. Play the log, to facilitate understanding of the play. Timing switch machine.

Appearance and interface schematic



  Basic production parameter

Main hardware index


A20, dual core, dominant frequency 1.2GHz



Built In Memory


Decoding Resolution

Maximum support 1080P

Operating System

Android 4.2

Play Mode

Support cycle, timing, spots and other display modes

Network Support

Ethernet, support WiFi, wireless peripheral extension, 3G (MINI-PCIE)

Video Play

Support WMV, avi, flv, RM, RMVB, MPEG, TS, MP4, etc.

Picture Format

Support BMP, JPEG, PNG, etc.



Serial Port

4 serial ports (2 ordinary serial port, 2 full function serial port)


1, 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet

SD Card

TF Card

LVDS Output

1, can be directly driven 50/60Hz LCD screen

HDMI Output

1, support 1080P output

Audio and video output

Left and right channel output, built in dual channel, 8R/5W*2 power amplifier

RTC real time clock


Timing switch machine


System upgrade

Support USB upgrade, network upgrade



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