China Life Air Quality Testing
China Life Air Quality Testing
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China Life Insurance (Group) company is a state of large financial and insurance companies, the company and its subsidiaries constitute China's largest state-owned financial insurance group. Business covers property insurance, life insurance, pension insurance, asset management, overseas business, e-commerce and other fields. June 2015, good network horizon in cooperation with the Chinese life completed the fusion of ambient air quality and information release system, successful and environmental monitoring equipment for docking, through wireless way will people pay close attention to a relatively high degree of PM2.5 and other environmental index real-time display on a large screen advertising machine, creating the air quality and information release system of perfect fusion of precedent!


Good network vision in this project with China Life Insurance has three major highlights:

First of all, in this project, we adopt the information release system of the best network horizon B/S architecture, through the remote control terminal display content and play time. The terminal can be freely grouped according to the actual situation, and the difference management is realized according to the grouping, and the display effect is different. Can also be divided into sub level management, can be perfect and the company's management structure.

Secondly, the information release system integrates the docking and air quality testing equipment, air quality acquisition module into the air index through wireless transmission to the device, terminal display can real-time display of indoor and outdoor PM2.5 values, PM10, air humidity etc..


Again, the terminal part of the super HD display screen that is 4K LCD screen, the screen shows the effect has been greatly improved. Ultra clear picture experience, giving people with high quality, high level of sensory impressions, with the perfect integration of China Life's corporate image, highlighting the company's brand influence.

Good network horizon, in the era of digital signs of the times and try to catch up with cutting-edge technology, in good fishers of continuous efforts, for enterprises to create the most suitable information release system. Good network horizon, always with the market oriented, with strong research and development capabilities, to meet the customization needs of customers and a, to meet the trend of Internet era of personalized demand, technology driven, high quality service!


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