Best Network Power To Help CCTV Craftsmen Seminar
Best Network Power To Help CCTV Craftsmen Seminar
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Recently CCTV reported a story about 8 lower level employees, they through their unremitting efforts and persistent pursuit of perfection of the spirit of, completed the a great project, including for the long march rocket welding engine of national senior technician high Fenglin. In order to recognize these 8 national treasure, CCTV specialized held a large seminar to promote their professionalism, but also to encourage college graduates to actively participate in the work of the grassroots. In this seminar, the best network vision to take on the important task of the scene.


In this workshop, on-site promotional use net best horizon overall multimedia information publishing system, including the server information release platform software DMS200 and terminal landing type ultra-thin HD LCD advertising machine, through the net best horizon powerful information release function in production, for every advertising machine real-time release of different programs, respectively, to highlight the different 8-bit treasures artisan skills are superb and the same dedication.


Good network horizon DMS200 multimedia information release management system is a new generation of multimedia information publishing and management platform, using B / S architecture and Realization of different personnel, from different locations and in different access methods (such as LAN, Wan, Internet / Intranet and so on) for any terminal management, monitoring terminal and editing, publishing program. System uses the telecommunication level solutions, to safe, stable and advanced, practical, scalable for the design ideas, the realization of the system is stable and reliable, information released safely and quickly, terminal management easy and convenient to upgrade and maintenance simple and convenient system function. In the multimedia information publishing system, on 16 HD advertising were set up different grouping, differentiated management and play different video and pictures, and can achieve the effect of real-time switching program, to ensure the promotion effect.


In addition, the 16 terminal advertising machine support 1080P HD playback, support for wireless WiFi and 3G networking, support for weather forecast, time area, rolling subtitles, graphics and text mixed, and so on, and so on. The internal use of industrial mainboard can run for a long time and keep stable state and display module using Samsung HD original screen, screen clear and delicate, and is equipped with built-in speaker, can achieve very good visual effects.

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