Yishiya coffee
Yishiya coffee
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Key words

Yishiya using JIAWEL digital signage technology as the driving force of enterprise IMC innovation. In the marketing network terminal according to the spatial planning and layout of a reasonable deployment of multimedia advertising machines, networking to create a channel of information distribution network. Using DMS200 system's technical advantages, in the end of a long lasting advertising, public relations, promotions and other marketing activities, the company's products and brand information to maximize the spread of the end of the sales chain to the end of the target customers. The application of our multimedia advertisement machine to help Yishiya will the means of marketing, sales and service promotion a level; immediately to the commercial chain brings advanced, high-end brand image; it can maintain the store values surrounding customer loyalty.


Simon Nobel, winner of the Herbert prize, points out: "with the development of information, it is not the information that is valuable, but the focus of attention". Yishiya in network terminal window or wall layout 2 sets of 42 inch wall mounted multimedia advertisement machine to potential customers directly and vividly transfer brand advertising and specialty products, new products recommend, promotional information, industry information and other content. Is conducive to attracting the attention of customers, increasing the time of the customer into the store to experience the opportunity and stay, create more marketing opportunities are conducive to shaping the brand window, to create a dynamic channel brand terminal.


A survey found that: 3/4 of the consumer behavior of the consumer is in the terminal to achieve the. Yishiya in product display and consumption area resettlement 7 42 inch multimedia advertisement machine, through HD terminal display equipment to customers directly and vividly display products, new products, promotional items, such as content, enhance customer can see and test, the sense of touch, the experience marketing; win customer consumption decision "finishing touches" terminal winning force, entertainment, information, music and other multimedia information release for the customer to create a relaxed spending a pleasant and beautiful environment.

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